For Students

How it Works

Every student participates in the Professional Work-Study Program (PWSP)! By working 5 days a month, you’ll gain valuable professional experience each year. The jobs you’ll hold are all entry-level positions, and thanks to our sponsors, you’ll have a wide range of jobs you can do and companies you can work with. You can view student job descriptions below!

To equip you with the skills you need to succeed at your professional work-study positions, you must attend and satisfactorily complete a Summer Business Training program. During the program, we train you in general professional office skills, answer any questions you have, and prepare you for your new responsibilities come the fall. Throughout the whole process, our staff serve as liaisons between you and our work-study partners. We provide ongoing supervisory support all four years to ensure you are learning, working, and having fun!


4 years of real, marketable, and professional work experience on your resume

4 years of meeting and working with mentors who will help you with college decisions, recommendations letters, job offerings, advice, and much more

Possibility of returning to the company after graduation/college

Confidence in yourself, your knowledge, your abilities, and your accomplishments


Student Job Descriptions


General Office Duties
  • Sort and distribute mail on a daily basis.
  • Fill printers and copiers with paper.
  • File, copy and scan documents for department.
  • Assist with records management.
  • Organize or stock internal business supply rooms, service centers and/or kitchens.
  • Set up/break down conference room spaces for lunches and meetings.
  • Deliveries, both internal and external
Front Desk Coverage
  • Answer phones promptly, assist callers to reach the appropriate person to address their needs.
  • Open front desk which includes checking drop box, counting money left in box, checking voicemails.
  • Work with customers in English and Spanish to ensure resolution to their questions.
  • Notify employees when their visitors have arrived. 
Finance & Accounting
  • Manage tasks to complete Accounts Payable process.
  • Create process and procedure document.
  • Complete invoice deductions research and processing.
  • Notify customers of overdue invoices, complete required documentation and forward copies to appropriate client  department.
  • Enter and validate data in vendor management system, review for quality control and update as needed.
  • Process cash receipts and collections: run report of previous day cash deposits and assign account within client accounting
  • Manage tasks to complete time and expense report processing.
  • Process credit applications: research prospective customers to determine credit worthiness, check references, track status and report results.
Human Resources & Recruiting
  • Create new hire packets, assist HR staff in weekly delivery of orientation, perform host duties and interact with new employees including senior management.
  • Put deductions for Flexible Spending Accounts in client system and distribute funds to employee accounts; enter new hire information, garnishments and direct deposit information into client system.
  • Support client benefit enrollment process including employee communications about benefits, perform compliance checks during open enrollment. Plan and administer Benefits Fair held at various office locations coordinating multiple healthcare vendors.
  • Research colleges and universities as prospective client recruiting targets.
  • Candidate Communication, scheduling phone screen, creation and delivery of interview schedule and hosting on interview day.
  • Complete reference check calls, document feedback in client recruiting system. Manage background check process for new hires.
  • Update and track candidate data in screening and hiring process, generate compliance reports and prep for audits as needed.
  • Translate new hire and benefits information from English to Spanish for employees. Translate HR documents into Spanish.
Information Technology
  • Image laptops for new employees and consultants, including completion of testing steps and delivery to user.
  • Installing and/or removing software applications and complete testing to ensure install complete.
  • Configure, correct and test remote laptops via remote control software to solve user issues.
  • Routinely monitor, test, repair and, as needed, replace computer hardware (i.e. monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse, USB connection, etc.).
  • Set up, test, monitor and support technology and audio visual equipment (i.e. Polycom, microphone, projector) within corporate facility.
  • Perform checks on hardware throughout corporate facility (i.e. restart computers, check printers are working, change paper and toner).
  • Conduct inventory of hardware/software components and record in central data.
  • Contact Management.
  • Maintain master customer contract database and related stipulations.
  • Complete all steps necessary to update case file status including index of documents, document case status in case
    management system.
  • Gather related reports and correspondence to support fulfillment of subpoenas. Organize, scan and index files to compile information to respond to requests.
  • Conduct online research in search of regulators and business cases that support corporate cases, document the source information, and surface questions.
  • Build weekly and monthly client social media calendar: determine date, time and channel used for client posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Curate content for social media channels.
  • Review client social media presence and provide suggestions for prompting user comments on client Facebook page.
  • Utilize client monitoring application to identify social media posts impacting client brand; flag posts across social media platforms and alert client team to act.
  • Review customer feedback on client social media accounts, i.e. posts on LinkedIn, and summarize comments with goal of identifying marketing targets for future posts.
  • Analyze and summarize customer feedback from Amazon and other review sources and document findings.
  • Support development of clients’ new social media playbook and practices by compiling data on followers across each social media channel.
  • Create sentiment reports based on positive, negative or neutral feedback from client social media pages.
  • Assist with Live twitter session.
  • Research and summarize weekly sales for individual geographic markets and stores for specific product area.
  • Edit corporate videos for presentations, online posting.
  • Support client website re-launch: check product information on website for spelling, grammar, and correct links.
  • Product brochure revisions: Cross check between client website and product catalog for all client products and documents for error.
Sales Operations
  • Work with sales team to gather data, design report and generate reports on a regular basis.
  • Update customer order in client system, coordinate shipment and timeline for delivery, and communicate with customers.
  • Run weekly client ads and communicate with sales team member(s).
  • Assist in coordination of volunteer programs/outreach activities.
  • Conduct patient service calls back.
  • Scan charts.
  • Filing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the student’s work schedule interfere with his or her classroom schedule?

No, students will not miss any classes while working because their curriculum is structured so that all of their course work is covered during the days of the week when they are not at the work site.  Our class days are longer than other high schools and the school year is longer as well.  Following the proven success of other Cristo Rey schools throughout the country, students at Cristo Rey Columbus will fulfill all the requirements of a college preparatory high school and will be well-positioned when applying to college.

Do all students go to work?

Yes, all students must participate in the Professional Work-Study Program (PWSP). This program is part of the curriculum and finances a significant portion of the cost of the student’s private high school education.  A team of 4 students fill the entry-level clerical functions of one full-time work-study position.  Each member of the student team will work one full day each week (approximately 7-8 hours per day) and an extra day every four weeks of the school year, excluding school holidays.  The workday will be approximately 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., although those times may vary depending on the needs of the business and the proximity of the business to the high school.  (Students may be available to work during school breaks if there is a mutual agreement with the company, our PWSP Director and the student.)

Will students get to choose where they work?

All new students will complete a summer training program prior to the start of school. At this time, the Work-Study staff will begin to explore with students their interests and preferences for work experiences. The Work-Study Director will make the final determination as to where each student will be placed.

Who supervises the students at work?

Each company is asked to designate an on-site supervisor who will help guide and support the student in this challenging but rewarding experience. Both the supervisors and the Work-Study Staff will provide overall guidance, education, and support, so that all students will feel successful at work, and the company’s work needs are met.

Can parents contact the company where their child works?

No.  All communications to and from our business partners must be made through the Work-Study staff at Cristo Rey Columbus High School.

How does the student get to work each week?

The Work-Study Program will make arrangements with transportation companies to take the students from the high school to their workplace in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day to return them to school.

What kind of work will students do?

A team of 4 students will fill the entry-level clerical functions of one full-time work-study position.  Generally, our students assist with general administrative duties, help with meeting and conference preparation, serve as a receptionist, assist with correspondence, file, scan, and shred documents, and assist with special projects. A student’s job description may evolve over time with experience and grow to include more technical and difficult tasks. The purpose of the work experience is to expose students to a professional culture and expand their dreams of what is possible for their future.

How can I learn more about the Cristo Rey Columbus Professional Work-Study Program?

Please contact PWSP Director of Sales Somers Martin at 614-223-9261, ext. 005 or