Professional Work-Study Program


Our Professional Work-Study Program makes the Cristo Rey Columbus experience stand out! Everyone involved benefits enormously from this national educational model, as businesses invest in student workers who are in need of an affordable education. We value our work-study partners greatly because they’re as committed to helping and guiding our students as we are.

For work-study partners, the program allows them to fill entry-level positions with highly motivated and intelligent student workers. As a proven business model, the Work-Study Program is designed to meet our partners’ entry-level employee needs and their bottom lines, benefiting their profit and their brand. We make sure to proudly display our work-study partners on our website and to our community!

For students, the program allows them to contribute to the cost of their college-prep education. They gain crucial professional work experience that prepares them for life beyond school. Every Cristo Rey Columbus student takes a full course load of college-preparatory classes in addition to working one day each week in the professional offices of our work-study partners. 

In the words of some of our current work-study partners and students:

My experience has been amazing! I’ve been fortunate to sit in on big-name meetings and create relationships with professionals that will last a lifetime!


Working at JobsOhio

We are proud to be able to make a difference in these students’ lives.

Rocky J. Parker

SVP, Talent Acquisition, Nationwide Insurance

This partnership clearly creates value for both the businesses and the students.

Dave McCurdy

COO, Kimball Midwest

My first day here, my supervisor gave me assignments that made me feel trusted and valued. And it’s because she believes in the work-study program.


Working at City of New Albany

The Professional Work-Study Program provides our students with a unique combination of academic and work experiences.

The Cristo Rey Professional Work-Study Program benefits  our students’ educational careers, our partners’ bottom lines, and the greater good of our collective community through workforce development. 

Watch the video by clicking on the image to the left to learn more and hear directly from our business partners!

If you believe in future workforce development and providing a quality education to all youth, please join us! Contact Somers Martin, Director of Sales, at 614-223-9261, ext. 005 or