Cristo Rey Columbus

Why Your Gift Matters

Thank you for considering a gift to Cristo Rey Columbus. At Cristo Rey Columbus, our students diligently build their futures every day. They manage both class and work-study schedules to help pay for their educations, to gain professional work experience, and to become the visionaries of their generations. In essence, they prepare to be knowledgeable, confident, and responsible young students, leaders, and neighbors. With our best in-class faculty and staff and our esteemed reputation in our community, we work to ensure our students have all the tools they need to succeed. Gifts of every size sustain our excellence in teaching and learning and maintain state of the art facilities and technology to support those efforts. Your gift empowers our students to actively prepare for college, acquire and hone professional skills, and build mentoring relationships that will carry them to and through college and their careers.


What Your Gift Supports

You can support current needs, such as our STEM programming, college campus visits, or National Honor Society dues.

You can also support future needs by giving to the Jim Foley Endowment Fund. Professionally managed at both the Columbus Foundation and the Catholic Foundation, this fund will provide stable, long-term financial support for the greatest needs of Cristo Rey Columbus and its students far into the future.

Have you heard?! You can donate to Cristo Rey and receive a credit on your Ohio taxes through the Diocese Scholarship Granting Organization (“SGO). Please see below for details.


Our EIN/tax ID number: 27-4864843.

Current Gifts

Credit Card or Check
Credit Card

We accept credit cards online, or via telephone at 614-223-9261 (ask for our CFO, Wendy Pingree, or dial extension 400). If you’d like to give now, visit our Give page! 


Please make checks payable to “Cristo Rey Columbus High School” and mail to:

Cristo Rey Columbus High School
Attn: Advancement
400 E. Town St.
Columbus, Ohio 43215


Stock that has appreciated in value over more than a year is a popular method for charitable giving. You may be able to avoid capital gains taxes and be eligible for a tax deduction for the full market value of the asset.

You can view our transfer instructions here.

Employer Match and Payroll Deduction

Many employers will match all or part of your charitable donations, as well as allow you to direct a portion of your paycheck to a charity. Please check with your employer’s human resources department about matching gift and payroll deduction programs.

A How To Guide: Employer Matching Gifts

What are matching gifts?

Matching gifts are a form of corporate giving. Under a company matching gift program, when an employee donates to a non-profit organization, the donor will submit paperwork to their employer, and their employer will match the donation. 

Who is eligible to participate?

At companies with matching gift programs, the majority of full-time employees are eligible. In some instances, part-time and international employees, retirees, and spouses are also eligible.

What donations qualify for a match?

Every company has its own guidelines regarding what types of donations it will match. About two-thirds of companies will match non-profit organizations that represent Educational institutions (K–12 included), Civic and community organizations, Arts and cultural organizations, and Health and human services.

How much will be matched?

The majority of companies with programs match donations at a 1:1 ratio, or dollar for dollar. Some will match at a higher rate such as 2:1 or 3:1, while others will match at a lower rate. Additionally, companies set minimum and maximum thresholds for matching. For example, most companies will only match donations that are at least $50.

When can you match your donation?

Companies allow employee matching gifts to be made at different periods throughout the year. The two most common matching gift programs are Year-Round and Workplace Giving Campaigns.

  • A Year-Round program allows employees to match their donations whenever a gift is made
  • Workplace Giving Programs are often specified windows of the year, during which gifts will be matched

How do I match my donation to Cristo Rey Columbus High School?

Please follow the below steps: 

  1. Make a donation to Cristo Rey Columbus High School. THANK YOU!
  2. Contact your HR Department to learn if your company has a matching gift program, and request program guidelines. Alternatively, login to your company’s employee intranet and search for matching gifts.
  3. Complete your matching gift request. Different companies use different submission processes including paper forms, proprietary websites, or third-party websites such as,,, etc.
  4. Once your matching gift request has been submitted, CRCHS will be notified and asked to verify your donation.
  5. Following receipt of verification by CRCHS your matching gift will be approved for payment. Please note that companies and third-party entities disperse funds on different cycles.

Please keep in mind that:

  • Companies set deadlines for when gifts can be matched. Many requests must be made within 3 or 6 months. 
  • Many companies match the tax-deductible portion of a gift made in association with an event. For example, if an event ticket costs $1,000 and goods and services are worth $200, the tax-deductible portion is $800.
  • In the event your company has a matching gift program, but CRCHS is not listed as an eligible non-profit organization, ask your HR Department how you can add CRCHS to your company’s database. If there are actionable steps for CRCHS, please contact Emily Eaton, Advancement Manager for support at or 614-223-9261 x039.

Thank you for your donation to Cristo Rey Columbus High School, and for doubling or tripling your impact!

Donor Advised Funds

By setting up a donor advised fund with the Columbus Foundation, Catholic Foundation, or elsewhere, you may take a tax deduction on a gift to the fund for the year in which it was made. You may then suggest a gift from the fund to Cristo Rey Columbus at any time.

Our EIN/tax ID number: 27-4864843.

RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) Transfer

Generally, if you are at least 70 ½ years old, you may make a tax-free transfer from your IRA to Cristo Rey Columbus. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

Real Estate

Funding a gift with real estate, such as a house or commercial property, may allow you to preserve cash assets, receive a tax deduction and income advantages, and make a larger charitable gift than anticipated.

Please let us know if you are planning to make a gift of real estate.

Dollar for Dollar Ohio Tax Credit / Scholarship Granting Organization ("SGO")

You can give to the Diocese of Columbus’s separately incorporated Scholarship Granting Organization, designate that the funds benefit Cristo Rey Columbus, and receive a dollar for dollar credit on your Ohio taxes.

Your gift will support making our unique college preparatory education and professional work-study program experience affordable for our students and their families, at no cost to you!

Visit the Emmaus Road website for more information and to donate, or contact Carly Miller, Chief Advancement Officer, at 614-223-9261 x011 or

Planned Gifts

Cristo Rey Columbus welcomes your family’s involvement in a planned gift that will support our mission far into the future. Advancement staff can assist you, along with your financial advisor, tax advisor, and/or attorney, to determine what gift best meets your family’s interests and goals.

We request that you notify us of your intent to make a planned gift.
We can work with you to make sure your interests are met, and the school’s needs are served, as well as possible. We can also appropriately thank you for your generosity and be sure to update you on our students’ success!

Bequest in Your Will

Good estate planning begins with a will. It represents written instructions, prepared in accordance with legal rules, directing how you wish your assets to be distributed at death. You may make a gift to Cristo Rey from your estate using the below sample language:

“I give to Cristo Rey Columbus High School, a nonprofit corporation currently located at 400 E. Town St., Columbus, Ohio 43215, or its successor thereto, ______________ [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for its unrestricted use and purpose.”

Life Insurance Policy

You can designate Cristo Rey Columbus as a beneficiary, or irrevocably assign policy ownership to Cristo Rey.

Retirement Plan Assets

By designating Cristo Rey Columbus as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, you can save income tax and give your estate a tax deduction for the value of the gift.

Charitable Annuities, Remainder Trusts, and Lead Trusts

You can make a gift to Cristo Rey now and receive an income for a fixed period or the rest of your life. There are many options and various tax advantages. Please consult your tax and financial advisors.

Please let us know if you are planning to make this type of gift.


If you would like to discuss any of these opportunities, or other possible giving opportunities, please contact our Chief Advancement Officer, Carly Miller, at 614-223-9261 x011 or

*Please Note*

 This information is not intended as legal, tax, or financial planning advice for your specific situation. We encourage you to consult with your attorney, tax advisor, and/or financial advisor.

We welcome and appreciate your support immensely! Thank you for caring about our students, our Cristo Rey Columbus community, and our world.

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D. Elton Trueblood

Former Chaplain, Harvard & Standford Universities