to Cristo Rey!

Please enjoy a message from Cristo Rey Columbus President Joe Patrick!  

About Us

At Cristo Rey Columbus High School, we want our students to know how incredible they are, how entirely necessary they are to the worlds around them, and how capable they are to inspire change in those worlds. We believe in supporting and challenging our students to do their best for themselves, their friends & families, and their communities. Through the education we offer and the Professional Work-Study Program we champion, our students experience a unique combination of learning and working that’s highly rewarding, empowering, and fun. It’s our goal to ensure Cristo Rey Columbus High School is a place that uplifts our students and encourages them to be themselves day in and day out.

Our Mission

Cristo Rey Columbus High School (“CRC”) is a Catholic, college-preparatory high school with a Professional Work-Study Program empowering students of all faiths, in need of an affordable, high-quality education, to excel in college, in career, and in character.

Opened in 2013

Cristo Rey Columbus is the 26th Cristo Rey high school in the United States! We’re part of a network of Catholic high schools throughout the country that make an affordable college-preparatory education accessible to students of all faith denominations and backgrounds. Since its inception, all of Cristo Rey Columbus’s graduates have been accepted into college!

Bishop Earl K. Fernandes and the Catholic Diocese of Columbus are the religious sponsors of Cristo Rey Columbus High School. At a time when Catholic schools are closing across America, Cristo Rey schools continue in the tradition of the Catholic Church by offering high-quality education.

Our Professional Work-Study Program

Our Professional Work-Study Program helps fund our students’ education. With this innovative educational model developed by the Cristo Rey Network, each student works five days per month. Employers pay a fee for the students’ services, which covers approximately half of the cost of educating each student.

“Our students are learning to work and working to learn,” says Jim Foley, our founding President. “By earning their own education, they learn first-hand its value. And by working in a professional setting, they learn first-hand the importance of a college education.”


Our Students

At Cristo Rey, we want our students to thrive academically and professionally! Through high-quality education and our unique Professional Work-Study Program, our students gain experiences that shape their futures. We want to help them achieve all of their goals.

Our students are why we do what we do. And above all, we want them to feel confident in themselves and their abilities as they grow into leaders of their generations. When the time comes, we want them to feel empowered to step through any and all doors they can, knowing they deserve and belong to be there.


We welcome your support!

To continue the work we’re doing, we need your support! The Cristo Rey Columbus High School Board welcomes any financial support in the form of grants, donations, and pledges. To find out how you can contribute, visit our Support Us page!

You can also support the school by becoming a partner in the Professional Work-Study Program. Our students enjoy working with your businesses, and we love seeing valuable professional relationships last! To learn more, visit our Professional Work-Study Program page.


Cristo Rey Network

We’re proud to be part of such a supportive and inspiring network of Cristo Rey schools! Check out their website to learn more about the organization.

School Information

For school hours and bell schedules, view our Students & Parents page. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us!


All our students & parents have access to our school’s education management system. Here you’ll find grades & schedules!


Our school library is the Main Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, right next door. And, we regularly have nurses on site from Nationwide Children’s Hospital to support our students’ health.