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Mar 27, 2024 | Cougar Chronicles

Greetings Cougar supporters!

Spring is always a time of anticipation here at Cristo Rey. Our students are gearing up for a slate of exciting events like International Night, Prom, and Spring Fest, all while diligently preparing for the challenges of AP tests, capstone projects, and final exams on the horizon. The seniors in particular are soaking up all of the experiences their final quarter of high school has to offer as they look forward to graduation festivities and embarking on their next journey. And our faculty may or may not have secret countdowns until summer break and their well-deserved rest and relaxation.

This week we find ourselves anticipating something even greater – Easter Sunday and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As we participate in this joyful celebration, we acknowledge that Jesus’ resurrection gives us hope. A hope for our families and loved ones, that their lives may be filled with health and happiness. A hope for our world, that as a people we may find peace, work better together, and love one another despite our differences. And at Cristo Rey – a hope for our students, that their bright futures may take them to places where they will find fulfillment, equity, and prosperity of mind, body, and spirit.

Student Spotlight

The stars of Cristo Rey Columbus are our students! Get to know a little about junior class member, Isabela, by clicking the image to the right.
New Staff Announcement

Chrissie Masdea Landolfi, Advancement Officer

We are pleased to announce the addition of Chrissie Masdea Landolfi to the CRC team in the role of Advancement Officer. Chrissie was an integral part of the original initiative to bring a Cristo Rey Network school to Columbus, spearheading efforts to fundraise, recruit work-study partners, and raise awareness of our mission in the community. “Chrissie’s enduring passion for Cristo Rey Columbus and the students and families we serve makes her an ideal addition to our team,” said Chief Advancement Officer, Carly Miller. “The stories she can recall about our school’s early years are both heartwarming and humbling, and I know she is eager to continue to help us grow.”

A true champion of CRC, Chrissie is a founding member of our Board of Trustees. She was named the 2019 Milt Schott Award recipient for her invaluable support and dedication, and has stayed involved with our school ever since. “It is truly a privilege to continue to serve Cristo Rey Columbus in this new capacity. I have seen this school grow from just an idea into the thriving community it is today, and I can’t wait to reconnect with our supporters and introduce new ones to the value of our mission.”

We invite you to reach out to congratulate Chrissie, learn more
about the CRC mission, or schedule a school tour!

Email:  |  Phone: 614-223-9261 ext. 203

Hear more about Chrissie’s CRC journey in our podcast series, “Viva Cristo Rey! A History of Cristo Rey Columbus”, recorded in 2020:

Alumni in Action

We love checking in with our alumni to see what they’ve been up to since they’ve graduated from Cristo Rey Columbus!

As a member of the Class of 2020, Kevin Brown, Jr. had the difficult experience of completing his high school career and beginning his college journey at Xavier University during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges this posed, Kevin stayed on track in his studies, and credits his experience at CRC with helping him prepare to navigate college life. “CRC prepared me for Xavier by providing a rigorous college-prep education that made me respect diversity of thought and enhanced my critical thinking and time management skills,” said Kevin. Those time management skills in particular allowed Kevin to balance his studies and a variety of different student activities. He has served as a Student Representative on the University Conduct Board, Treasurer of the Resident Student Association, Transformative Student Experience Representative for the Xavier University Strategic Plan, and a Student Rights Representative for the Dean of Students Office, to name a few. Kevin will be graduating this spring with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree with minors in Strategic Human Resources Management & Gender and Diversity Studies – way to go, Kevin!

After graduation, Kevin will be relocating to Boston to join the Teach for America (TFA) program. When asked what made him want to pursue this opportunity, his answer was one that will ring familiar for many in our Cristo Rey family. “My TFA journey is inspired by my Jesuit education which instilled in me the value of being ‘men for and with others.’ This Jesuit value, rooted in compassion and service, fueled my commitment to address educational inequities.” Kevin continued, “TFA will allow me to actively contribute to the empowerment of underserved communities through education. I am looking forward to making a difference in [my students’] lives by being a resource and advocate for them, building relationships that last beyond their time in my class, celebrating their academic and personal growths, and fostering a learning environment where students are allowed to be curious, creative, and develop a love for learning.”

Kevin’s passion is contagious and inspiring, so we asked what advice he would share with our current students on how to best use their time at CRC in order to set themselves up for success. “Embrace learning with curiosity and ask questions that will deepen your understanding,” Kevin began . “Explore your passions by participating in extracurricular activities; you never know where that interest and passion may lead you down the road.” His final piece of advice? “Build strong relationships with your classmates, teachers, administrators, and work-study supervisors. These connections will last well beyond your time at CRC and they will be your biggest cheerleaders.” Words of wisdom, indeed!

Athletics Update

Throughout this season, our Boys and Girls Basketball teams showcased their talent on the court, fueled by the unwavering support and spirited cheers of our Cheerleaders.

Senior night was a resounding success, commemorating our graduating seniors with heartfelt tributes and a celebration that truly reflected their contributions.

Adding to the winter sports lineup, the introduction of indoor track sparked a renewed sense of excitement within our athletic community.

Meanwhile, our wrestling team made waves with two outstanding athletes competing in the OHSAA tournament, showcasing their skill and determination.


Thursday, May 2, 2024
6:00-9:00 p.m.
Walter Commons at St. Charles Preparatory High School

This year, The Garden Party shifts to a seated dinner in a beautiful indoor event space where you will have the opportunity to meet our talented and engaging students, whose dreams you are supporting!

Event Co-Chairs:
The McCurdy Family | Kimball Midwest
Edward Rivalsky
Platinum Sponsors
The McCurdy Family | Kimball Midwest
Edward Rivalsky
Silver Sponsors
Joseph J. Patrick, Jr.
Mark and Sarah Ryan

Questions? Contact Carly Miller, Chief Advancement Officer
Email:  |  Phone: 614-223-9261 ext. 011

Faculty Feature

What makes the faculty at Cristo Rey Columbus so special is their passion and dedication to our mission. We took a moment to catch up with Business Technology and Honors Precalculus teacher, Mr. Jacob Maniaci, about his experience as a first-year member of the CRC faculty and more:

Q:  What made you want to teach at CRC?

A: My calling to Cristo Rey was inspired in two ways. First, my wife is a middle school teacher and I witness the job satisfaction she brings home everyday. Seeing her get to make a difference each day and affect the future in a positive way for so many made me want that for myself. I missed that from my time in the Marine Corps and had been praying for so long to find something like that again. Second, I consider myself to be a leader from the front. I don’t believe in the phrase, “do as I say not as I do”, and Cristo Rey offers me a chance to hold students and myself accountable for deeds done. I’m not here to usher our kids through 4 years of mediocrity, but instead, I’m encouraged to walk beside them through the tough stuff.

Q: What experiences do you bring to CRC that give you a unique perspective on working with young people?

A: Even though there’s a fair amount of gray hair on my face, I’m still young at heart! I play sports, participate in the community, and I’m involved in many services at my Parish. I can match the energy it takes to keep up with teenagers, and I’m a hockey and football coach who knows you have to give 100% all the time to be a champion at anything you decide to do. Competitiveness is something I’ve never let go of and don’t plan to anytime soon. I’ve also had the privilege of leading young men into combat and those memories of compassion, friendship, and love carry me to be my best. As a teacher, it’s not about me, it’s about the student to my left and right who can trust that everything will be okay because there’s someone right there with them.

Q: What is a favorite experience that you have had at CRC so far?

A: Developing an individual relationship with each student has been fun. With some we have a secret handshake, special wave, or interactions that are unique. I can say that I believe the best moments are yet to come. Ultimately, I see my mission as getting these kids out into the world to be productive and have a chance to chase their dreams, so I have to be personally invested in the students. That anticipation of what they can become is a never ending favorite moment I get to live constantly.

The Cristo Rey Podcast
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