Celebrating our Differences

Sep 1, 2018 | Cougar Chronicles

Celebrating Our Differences

Along with her camera crew, Valencia Wicker of WBNS-10TV visited us at Cristo Rey earlier this month. She attended one of our American History classes to capture a heart-wrenching commemoration of September 11 and to interview students. After the interviews, Ms. Wicker told me that the words of one student, Ibrahim, moved her to tears.

Ibrahim aspires to be a pilot. When he reflected on the tribute to 9/11, he shared that people often question his dream career because of his faith. He said, “They tell me: oh, you are Muslim…and you want to be a pilot?”

But Ibrahim doesn’t back down, and he doesn’t let one piece of his identity dictate what he can and can’t achieve in his lifetime. 

While others may question how Ibrahim’s faith and professional dream intertwine, we celebrate it. At Cristo Rey, we foster an environment where students can unapologetically be themselves, and appreciate one another despite differences in race, religion, and more. That lesson goes beyond the classroom, and we hope our students will carry it with them rest of their lives.

Ibrahim, who is now a junior, showed courage and tenacity from the beginning of his freshman year, and his experience at Cristo Rey has helped him further develop those traits. Ibrahim has pride in himself and his dreams, and he reminds me how proud I am to be in an environment that celebrates every Cristo Rey student, differences and all. 

Gratefully yours,

Jim Foley

PS – If you missed it, you can find the news story here. Thank you to Ms. Wicker and WBNS-10TV for sharing this important story with the community. 

Prospective Student Open House

Sunday, October 28
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Know a middle schooler who would like Cristo Rey Columbus?
All are welcome!

Find us at:
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“The School That Works”

On August 21, our Professional Work-Study Program kicked off our fifth annual Draft Day at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. During this high-energy event, students were called on stage and greeted by their coworkers with hugs and excitement. For many students, Draft Day also serves as a reunion. Students who have requested the same worksite for multiple years are overjoyed to be reconnected with their team. We love to see the special bond form between students and supervisors! 

Daniel, second from the left, has been paired with GBQ for three years.

Supervisor Sound Bites

“Accounting and Finance are difficult roles to grasp and even more difficult when they involve data entry. Chanel has done nothing but excel in this department. Her persistence is incredible and her love of learning is notable.”

– Lifestyle Communities about Chanel, ’19

“Alayla is a delightful and friendly young lady who is a pleasure to have in our department. In observing her interacting with staff as well as our leadership, she is always very pleasant and professional.”

– Nationwide Children’s Hospital about Alayla, ’21

“Jacob has been an exemplary student. He is engaged, respectful, proactive and detailed with his work. I can’t expand enough on the quality of Jacob’s work or his pleasant and appreciative attitude and positive outlook on life.”

– Waterworks about Jacob, ’19
“Nekkima has continued to impress her supervisors with her high quality of work, consistently positive attitude, and professional demeanor. Her creativity and attention to detail shine through in her projects, and she is truly a ray of sunshine in the office!” 

– Lancaster Pollard about Nekkima, ’22

Celebrating Under the Stars

Thank you to everyone who helped us Grow the Dream at
The Garden Party! We had a record-setting evening, all thanks to supporters like you. Relive the magical night with our photo album!

A very special thank you to The Garden Party’s Presenting Sponsor, Motorists